Server X99999 opening 29.march!

Fun game-play from 1lvl to max stats!


Arenamu X1000 Opening 4.October

ArenaMu S14Ep1 new server X1000 opening at 4.October!
Opening times:
[UTC +2, 17.00-Poland]
[UTC +8, 23.00-Philipines]
[UTC -3 12.00-Argentina]

Points per level are 5 for DW, DK, ELF, SUM, 6 for RW, 7 for DL, MG, RF, you can create all charcters from 1lvl.
Master level points are 5 per level all classes. Majestic points are 5per level! Maximum stats: 32000

Reset: From 400lvl in website, stats burns, free stats 700 for all classes

Grand reset: From 250resets, stats and resets burns, Reward 2000credits + 2000 extra stats* Grand Reset!

Goblin points: Earn 1GP per 20minutes online. There are small wings, pets, buffs and skills available for GP!
WCoins: Winning mu online events like BC, DS, and other events gives 20-50 GP reward
Wcoins: All items from Personal Store are sold for Wcoins

Offlevel: Free users 12hours, VIP users 48hours, Can be killed, picks up jewels and ancient items! command /offlevel

Happy Bonus exp hour: Morning 8-9 Evening 20-21 Server time
All top bosses respawns every 2hours!
Golden invasion Every 1hour!

Refferal system: Invite friends and earn 10% credits of what they donated! refferal system HERE You can invite allready registred players to join your refferal list!

Extra commands
Decrease Strenght points = /decstr
Decrease Agility points = /decagi
Decrease Vitality points = /decvit
Decrease Energy points = /decene
Decrease Command points = /deccmd
Open NPC shop from anywhere in game = /shop
Open Warehouse from anywhere in game = /ware

Party: Get more experience with bigger parties: 5Unique charcters in party (Gold party) gets the highest exp bonuss.

Updates on website

Massive updates on website have been done!

Enjoy the new web!

New server X1000 opening planed on 4th October! More news soon!

Updates 28.August

Fixed Nova skill use conflict with teleport skill
Fixed Nova skill damage at specified charging phases
Added new options AntiHack
Added League support for Labyrinth of Dimension
Added Elena Letter in Lorencia bar shop (labirinth ticket)
Fixed issue with all kind of "rush" skills
Fixed invability to create life stone by guild assistant
Fixed possible issues with expanded inventory quest
Fixed inability to edit harmony options values for weapons
Fixed visual issue of mining cars in Kubera

Added extra commands for game

Decrese Srenght CMD = /decstr
Decrese Agility CMD = /decagi
Decrese Vitality CMD = /decvit
Decrese Energy CMD = /decene
Decrese Command CMD = /deccmd

HuntShopCMD = /huntshop (opens NPC shop from anywhere)
HuntWareCMD = /huntware (opens varehouse from anywhere)

Changed clear bag command, now is:  /clearitems



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