Arena Mu Online updates 31.May

Today big updates have been aplied to server! Enjoy the game!

Run Update.exe to get latest client side update! Or download THIS and exctract over your game files

Fixed MuQuest reward issue
Fixed Party Move issue
Fixed Socket mixes issues
Fixed 3D Cam get automatically enabled after map move
Fixed Blue Eye conversion mixes
Fixed Chaos Castle invitation ticket not working
Fixed Bonus Event drop bonus issue
Fixed Golden Invasion visual effect
Fixed option names in Jewel of harmony
Updeted drop in Kubera Mine maps
Fixed Custom Jewels do not stack automatically
Updated exp tables for levels 800-1100
Fixed Kanturu event
Fixed 4th Enhanced Dark Side skill damage issue
Fixed inventory expansion quest issues
Fixed an issue causing sort of "lag" or "delay" while attacking monsters
Fixed selection of options not workin in Blue Eye items
Fixed Errtels upgrade invalid element issue
Fixed Summon Scrolls chaos mix
Fixed quests unavailability at Zyro NPC
Fixed Quest System rewards issue
Kubera mine increased monsters count and drop, Drops top items!

Posted 31 / 05 / 2019 By admin

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