Arena Mu Online updates 30.April

Quest info bug text.
Skill Haste Rune Wizard do not work in party.
Visual bug button Upgrade Earring
DoppelGanger Messages
Rune Wizard "Soul Shard of Wizard" quest
Rune Wizard in Castle Siege disconnect
Zen over 2bilion in varehouse
Jewel of Harmony stacking bug
Mace Mastery skill (Stun)
Can not create seed
Imperial fortess points for mastery box
Reflect issue, elemental debuf e.t.c
DS points for mastery box
BC/DS points doesn't count to ranking
No drop zen at 800 lvl 3rd class
Issue with majestic exp
Bleeding Pentagram Debuff Dont make Dmg
Elemental Symbol does not drop
Phoenix shot in ML - no dmg
Range of Fire Burst Enhancement
Errtel in Pentagram get error in Battle Core
Mu Helper zen configuration issue
Chain Drive (Regular) skill do only 4 hits instead of 8 it should!
Buffed Rune Wizard Class
Castle Siege fixed

Vote reward for Wcoins are back, click HERE to vote!

Posted 30 / 04 / 2019 By admin

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